Eligible models:

• WD380U-EST-eBeam

• XD360U-EST-eBeam


For a limited time, users who purchase a qualifying eBeam bundle (WD380U-EST-eBeam, XD360U-EST-eBeam) will receive a free

PROJ-EST wall mount.


This offer is valid for sales within the United States only. Void where prohibited by law. Offer valid only for purchases made from

qualified authorized direct accounts in good credit standing with Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc. (MEVSA). This

promotion is valid for purchase orders received from April 5, 2011, through June 30, 2011, by order administration at or by fax number 888-242-3598. Each purchase order received by MEVSA during the promotional period

must list one or more qualifying eBeam bundles and corresponding free wall mount at no cost ($0.00) will be deemed a submission

to this program. Units must be purchased on a 1:1 basis. Qualifying purchase orders must include one single order of one unit or

more qualifying projectors. The free of charge items are not eligible when the item is part of a bundled solution. Purchases of

qualifying bundles should be at standard cost. No “back-end” or post-order rebate submission will be permitted. Only brand new

“Grade A” product is eligible. Demonstration or refurbished units do not qualify for this promotion. Sales of your existing stock do not

qualify for this promotion. Mitsubishi reserves the right to change the terms of this promotion at any time without notice. Offer not

valid with any other Mitsubishi promotional offer.

WD380U-EST-eBeam :

WD360U-EST-eBeam :


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