Save on the Mitsubishi XD550U 3000 Lumen 3D Ready Projector ($699)

Now is the time to save.
We have lowered the price on the Mitsubishi XD550U 3000 Lumen Projector 3D Ready

Get It Here for only $699.

The Mitsubishi XD550U Delivers Rich, Vibrant Images

With 3000lm luminance, images are bright and can be seen clearly without lowering the light in the room. The newly introduced DarkChip3 ensures rich contrast with deep blacks with bright and vibrant colors.

Remote Management

Connect with up to 250 projectors. Crestron® RoomView compatibility gives you network control of power/on/off and message display and allows you to monitor lamp life. When using a control room projector with projector control software Visual PA lets you display messages on the network in real-time. The DLP projector supports closed caption functionality and AMX Device Discovery lets you manage devices easily.

Projects with or without a PC

The versatile XD550U projector reproduces images from a computer, VGA, USB, LAN or wirelessly using a commercially available wireless dongle. Present slideshows or animation effects on the DLP projector by saving PowerPoint files converted to a special format onto a USB drive. Simply connect the device to the USB port and your slides are ready to view.

User-friendly Operation

Highly portable at just 7.7 lbs, the XD550U data projector makes presentations easy and worry-free. Power turns off automatically when no image signal is out for a predetermined period of time set by you. The DLP projector features a lamp life estimated to last up to 6000-hours (low mode) , making lamp changes few and far between. When it’s time to change the lamp out, the top-loading design makes the process fast and easy. No need for external speakers with the high volume10W built-in speaker, although an external speaker can be connected via the Audio Out terminal.


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