Ultra Wide Home Entertainment is Here!

Ultra Wide Home Entertainment is Here!

What is Ultra Wide Home Entertainment? 33% wider than a standard 16:9 flat panel TV, Ultra Wide entertainment systems are the most immersive systems available for movies and PC gaming. Projector Superstore is now selling the CineVista Lens System by Panamorph to give you the ability to create your own ultra wide system!

Why settle for a standard projection system or flat panel TV (below left) when you can have the most immersive entertainment experience possible for only a little more? (below right)

Ultra wide systems are the only systems that can fully recreate the immersive experience of block-buster, ultra wide 2.35:1 movies and PC games. Over 75% of top-grossing movies are made in ultra wide aspects. The only difference between a standard projection system and an ultra wide projection system is that you will need a wider 2.35:1 or 2.40:1 screen and a CineVista lens.

With those two changes you can:

– Eliminate the annoying black letterbox bars

– Use the full resolution of your projector rather than losing 25% of it to the black bars

– Watch an image that is 80% larger and 30% brighter than a standard 16:9 projector on the same height screen

– Works with 3D and 4K*

Electronic House did a great news feature on the new CineVista lens system. Click here to see it.

The CineVista fits a large number of entry level and mid-level projectors. To see a list of compatible projectors and learn more about ultra wide home entertainment, go to the CineVista website What’s Needed Page.

Click here to buy the CineVista lens.

*to be compatible, necessary projector aspect modes must work when playing 3D and 4K formats


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