Cima Screens by Stewart – Top of The Class

Projector SuperStore is proud to introduce Cima Screens, by Stewart Film Screens to our product catalog.


The leader in high quality, custom, application specific projection screen solutions is proud to introduce the top of the class in standard commercial and residential projection screens.




Designed and manufactured in the USA by Stewart’s award winning team, CIMA™ targets an audience that is broader and less need-specific. The utilitarian design and features of this product address the needs of most common residential and commercial 2-piece projection applications without compromising the superior performance, quality and durability you have come to expect from Stewart. The key difference is, while Stewart professional projection screens are custom-engineered for optimal performance within a given application, CIMA™ will only be available in standard sizes and with a limited selection of high-quality screen materials.

Cima utilizes newly developed, highly efficient, environmentally friendly, patent-pending methods of production, ensuring the customer will receive the highest performance at the best value. With CIMA™, you can receive high quality, dependable performance for many standard commercial or residential applications at a competitive price. And, of course, when your application requires a higher standard of performance all the way up to perfect image fidelity from a screen that is finely tuned to the environment, the Stewart team stands ready to assist with the highest quality, most professional projection screens in the world…by Stewart Filmscreen. Welcome to the Stewart Family!

CIMA™ main product line features:
• Perfect balance between overall performance and value
• Exceptional screen material uniformity and performance in a highly versatile screen material
• Superior quality and durability you have come to expect from Stewart Filmscreen
• Standard sizes and aspect ratios provide ease of ordering
• Available in one of two materials, a white screen for environments with good lighting control and a gray screen to help compensate for uncontrolled ambient light

Other features:
• 4k+ ready (as are all Stewart Filmscreen materials)
• Greenguard approved
• Made in the USA


For a limited time Projector SuperStore is offering $100 instant savings on any purchase of a Cima Screen in combination with a Panasonic AE8000U Home Theater Projector.
Just use promo code “PSS-100-CIMA“.


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